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Daisy Sled Chair by B&T Design

Daisy Sled Chair by B&T Design

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Daisy is an ideal chair design for different places from the office to the cafeteria to the hotel room. Dual color, dual material upholstery looks so different an elegant on this chair. Daisy, available in artificial leather, can be customized with decorative stitches. In a new generation of open offices and in shared offices, this comfortable and stylish working chair will stand out. It will make fantastic home office chair. Very high concept hotel room desk chair. Minimal design adds elegance to the space used. The choice of wire feet and fixed feet can be used with the round-table meeting table. The Daisy Lounge seat from the same family brings comfort and sincerity to the room with its spacious size and wooden legs. In the private waiting rooms in the airports, a single product family can meet multiple needs in business and recreation areas.