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Sling Bar Stool by M.A.D.
Sling Bar Stool by M.A.D. Sling Bar Stool - Walnut Wood on Black Frame Sling Bar Stool - Walnut Wood on Black Frame

Sling Bar Stool by M.A.D.

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Walnut Wood on Black Frame Natural Ash Wood on White Frame
Nuans Design
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  • Moulded plywood shell. And steel frame.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Stackable up to 4 units
  • Suitable for residential or commercial setting.


  • Bar Stool: Inches 18.5w | 19d | 35h | seat height: 30
Moulded plywood chair with epoxy coated steel frame. With fresh, innovative, minimal design, Sling Bar/counter stools have been developed without compromise to the highest standards. This contract grade chair has been designed to endure the most high traffic environments.



Amanda Ip, born in Sydney, Australia, designer Amanda Ip has called many places in the world home—London, Singapore, Pittsburgh and now, Chicago. Travel always has been an integral part of her life as well as an inspiration for her work. “There is nothing more incredible than traveling to a new city and being immersed in something foreign and unfamiliar,” Ip says. “It’s exciting to see things from a new perspective and it allows me to be a more well-rounded, thoughtful designer.” Ip earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in industrial design from Carnegie Mellon University where she discovered her passion for furniture design before joining Chicago-based Slate Design in 2007. Describing her work as “thoughtful modern,” Ip carefully considers how a person will live with her furniture as she creates: “I want what I design to be used daily, to make someone’s life more comfortable. I want that piece of furniture, when it’s old, to be able to tell stories of its interesting life and have nice, deep smile wrinkles.”


Mark Daniel, Matt Cole, & Dan Given


Having spent over 10 years designing, making and managing other people's furniture around Asia, Matt and Dan decided to set up m.a.d. in 2010 to satisfy their own quest to design and develop useful, affordable and desirable furniture for the modern urban dweller.

Fresh, innovative, contemporary, our furniture is developed without compromise and to m.a.d.'s own high standards. m.a.d. aims to design and manufacture products that ensure a complete product experience for our clients and the end user.

m.a.d. design team is a collaboration of like-minded, international product designers based around the world. Our operations are based in Asia and include the 'm.a.d. lab'™ product development and testing facility and our own production assembly plant in Southern China. m.a.d. currently ship from our facilities to clients in 20 countries worldwide.