Why Sell on Furnizz?

  • Reach hundreds of thousands high profile customers, designers, architects and business owners. We advertise on all major platforms generously so your products will reach our target audience automatically 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • We are genuine furniture and home design people. We understand your business better than any other platform on the market today. We know everyday problems and issues which are never been solved on other marketplaces so we designed our platform tailored to realistic furniture and design business model. On Furnizz
    • You can accept special/custom orders and give your clients extensive ETAs as long as both parties agree on clear terms.
    • You can negotiate on your prices and send custom invoices to clients. We believe this is one of the backbone features of our business. You always have a chance to send custom invoices for volume orders and commercial projects.
    • Extensive digital tools and features. We do not hide any tools from our seller members. You can upload extensive contents, or create promotions, upload images, videos, instructions, all included with your membership.
    • We respect your policies. As long as you follow industry standard guidelines and common sense, we respect your policies such as your return and exchange procedures. We reflect your policies on your product pages and help you modify them to tailor for your store.
    • Flexible shipping and processing times. We know selling furniture is not like selling a small device. On many circumstances you need extra time for processing and shipping and on Furnizz we do not force you to ship anything in unrealistic time window.
  • Seller Protection. We are aware of that even if you have top-notch customer service, disputes are inevitable and yes customer is not always right. When it comes to disputes with customers, we do not solely rely on machines and software decide on what is right or what is wrong. On Furnizz every claim is carefully analyzed by real people to produce real and fair results.
  • Every product is important. On Furnizz we do not aim to offer mass number of items and maximize the profit from quick transactions. Furnizz is a store which quality products offered with best service take the highest priority. We know what level of attention your products deserve so we help you in every detail of the process from uploading your products, images, instructions to designing your policies so we can truly reflect the high value of your merchandise to buyers.